A / Procedure to ORDER

1°/ To complete clearly the part " Your contact "

2°/ To complete for the concerned ref. : the price, the quantity, the total price by ref., (if option) the amount and the total amount.

3°/ Click on the button "SEND theORDER". (On reception of the order form, the pack is prepared).

4°/ Send us your payment ( see paragraph B " Mean OF PAYMENT " ).

5°/ On reception of your payment the pack will be sent.

B / Mean of PAYMENT

1°/ Cheque in € (for Europe only) is 9 € more to your Total (excepte for France)

2°/ Postal Order

3°/ Cash

Eurocheque and Postal Order must be done on the name of Jean CATALDO and send to the following address :

Jean CATALDO, 16 rue Guy de Maupassant - 74600 SEYNOD (France).

IMPORTANT : If submitting your order by Mail or Fax, please Print your name & address very clearly and use our order form or a photocopy if available.