Johnny CAT

Chronicle of a resurrection foretold !

Predisposed to travel because they are such expert sailors, the Bretons never balk at the most extreme experiences.
With this new album masterfully recorded by Shaman Johnny CAT, these multi-offenders from Rennes have decidedly taken a new direction.
Well-known for their strong punk sensibility with a hardcore edge, the TV MEN have now injected a massive dose of testosterone into their legendary high energy Rock'n'Roll, as proved by the red-hot iron cover version of Radio Birdman's "Murder City Nights" featuring on this surprising record.
Without blindly conforming to the craze initiated by Scandinavian bands (Hellacopters, Gluecifer, Turpentines) and relayed by the reforming of the Founding Fathers (Radio Birdman, MC5, Stooges, New York Dolls), they have put aside their old punk gimmicks to dig the nourishing earth, their own musical
The TV MEN are now fully aware that fierce efficiency doesn't come from playing fast but from playing right and strong. On their recent split e.p. (Action Records) with the fuel-injected Psychopunch from Sweden, they paved the way with electrifying rock'n'roll guitars.
With this appetizer, everybody stamped their feet and asked for more. Here it is, bursting with Stooges and soaked in Radio Birdman.
This "LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION !" marks the rebirth of the TV MEN !
Here they are, ready to electrify audiences with this high tension album !

This record's gonna burn your eyes !

Patrick Foulhoux



TV MEN discography :
(Demo Tape ) Have a Good Trip- 4 songs 1995(EP 7" & K7) Ajaja - 5 songs 1996
(CD) Out of Your Screen - 7 songs 1998
(LP 10" & CD) Channel Fiction - 9 songs 1999
(CD) Electric Eye on You - 13 songs 2001
(CD) LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION !- 12 songs - Action Rec. 2005


SPLIT 10":
(LP 10" )Psychopunch/TV Men - Action Rec. 2003
(CD) Generations Dynamite - 1996
(LP) Cloaque - 1996
(K7) Breizh Attack - 1997
(CD) Breizh Ardente - 1999

(LP&CD) Breizh Disorder - 1999


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