Johnny CAT

Breton band formed in 95.
The line up :
Two original members "Fabian" singer, "Pento" guitars.
One ex Greenfish "Sylvain" guitars.
One ex Gunners "Bruno" Bass.
A brand new drummer joined the bands a few months ago, "Ricco" from Mass Murders.

They played about 300 gigs in France and Europe.
They shared the stage with : New Christs, The Saints, Peter & T.T.B., Burning Heads,
Noone is Innocent, Rocket From the Crypt, TV Killers, Zeke, Electric Frankenstein,
The Peepshows, Glucifer, The Dontcares, Weak, Shotgun Bluez, Church of Confidence,
Luckypunch, Nevrotic Explosion, Dogs, The Dickies, Puffball,The Spades, Man Mad Monster,
Turbo Ac's, Deniz Tek & Scott Morgan…

News :
TV MEN open for Wayn Kramer, the 12th of June in Rennes at the Mondo Bizarro.
From the 05th to the 12th of August TV MEN play the "Frienship festival" in Gorazdé / Bosnia.
A split with PSYCHOPUNCH is released in August on ACTION Records in 10".
TV MEN work hard on a brand new album… open your eyes!
TV MEN is preparing a commun European tour for spring 2004 with ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN!!!


TV MEN discography :
(Demo Tape ) Have a Good Trip- 4 songs 1995
(EP 7" & K7) Ajaja - 5 songs 1996
(CD) Out of Your Screen - 7 songs 1998
(LP 10" & CD) Channel Fiction - 9 songs 1999
(CD) Electric Eye on You - 13 songs 2001


SPLIT 10":
(LP 10" )Psychopunch/TV Men - Action Rec. 2003
(CD) Generations Dynamite - 1996
(LP) Cloaque - 1996
(K7) Breizh Attack - 1997
(CD) Breizh Ardente - 1999

(LP&CD) Breizh Disorder - 1999


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