Johnny CAT


After the GANGBANGERS decided to call it quits in 2002, Gilles,David and
Vince soon formed a new band named the STONEAGE ROMEOS.
Far from the ready-to-consume TV musical programmes and the sacrosanct radio
playlists, there is a small number of indomitables for whom rock is not dead
but, though dangerously beleaguered, keeps on kicking asses in the smoky bars
and concert venues of the planet. All over the world, Marshall amplifiers go on
roaring and, may it be Anglo-Saxon, Latin or Scandinavian, rock follows
unruffled the path opened up fifty years ago by rebellious and visionary spirits.
"The wiggling guitars, girl, the crash of the drums ", such is the credo of
the Stoneage Romeos.

After a first album that attracted considerable attention, the STONEAGE ROMEOS hammer it down in 2007 with the release of “LOST IN SPICE” and the uncontrollable urge to start touring again.
In the same vein as the previous one, this new album finds its inspiration in the best of Rock and offers you 13 sizzling and uncompromising songs that will ROCK THE HELL OUTTA YOU !!…

2005 : "Into The Wild Blue Youder" on Action Records "AR103CD"
2007 : "Lost In Spice" on Action Records "AR105CD"
1995 : 1 song "3 Amigos" on the compilation  Larsen Recordz n°10  " FZ010 ".
1996 : Split EP 4 songs with SATOR on Action RecordsAR001 ".
1997 : 1 song "Sick on you" on compilation Satisfaction Guaranteed (A Tribute to the Boys) Action RecordsAR100LP ", rereleased in 1999 on Vinyl JapanASKCD97 ".
1998 : 1 song "Surfin’ in the bars" on the compilation Frissons 98MA 02 ".
1999 : First album "morethanyoudeserve" on Action RecordsAR101CD ".
2002 : "When The Shit Hits The Fan" on Action RecordsAR102CD ".

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