Johnny CAT

A short history
Formed in New York in 1977 by exiled French rock'n'roll singer Philippe Marcade and professional boxer-bassist Steve Shevlin. With much help from pal Johnny Thunders they quickly become one of Max's Kansas City's favorites. Joined in 1979 by guitarist Wild Bill Thompson (Robert Gordon band, Stray Cats Tour, Savoy Brown ) and drummer Marc Bourset (Victims) for their legendary next decade. After Steve Shevlin becomes deaf (!) they are joined by Richie Lure on bass (Brother of Heartbreaker Walter Lure) becoming one of New York's scene most popular bands by 1988. Well on their way to massive popularity in the US disaster strikes and they lose Marc Bourset then Richie Lure in drug related deaths. Battered but not beaten The Senders replace their two beloved lost members with legendary drummer Ned Brewster(Action Swingers) and bassist Danny Ly (The Bostwanas) for their current line-up. Singer Phil Marcade has also along the years taken part in various projects such as first drummer for GangWar (with Johnny Thunders and ex MC5 Wayne Kramer) and singer for blue eye soul band The Backbones (1983-1987). The SENDERS are still currently very active with their brand of raunchy rhythm'n blues in New York City and most of the east coast and have no immediate plans for stopping.
The SENDERS discography :
1978 - The Linvingend - EP - NOBRANO Rec.
1980 - Seven Song Super Single - 10'' - MAX'S KANSAS CITY Rec.
1981 - Retour A L'Envoyeur - LP - SKYDOG Rec.
1988 - Do The Senderthing - LP - MIDNIGHT Rec.
1998 - Back To Sender (revisited) - CD - SKYDOG Rec.
2000 - Goodbye Cruel World - CD - ACTION Rec.
1985 - Lost Hits - SKYDOG Rec.
1988 - Hanging Out At Midnight - MIDNIGHT Rec.
1989 - Midnight Christmas Mass - MIDNIGHT Rec.
1994 - Tribute To Sham The Sham - NORTON Rec.

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