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Bursting out of planet Insanity with the devil on our tails. Empty bottles,
nervous breakdowns but still laughing. That´s a pretty common feeling within
the Psychopunch camp.
Psychopunch hail from Västerås,one of sweden´s major industrial towns.
The band started back in 1998 with members from various Punk,Death Metal
and Dirty Rock´n´roll bands.
With four highly acclaimed albums on White Jazz Records/MNW Records Group
and over a hundred gigs in Scandinavia and Europe the band has with their
Dirty, Raw,Loud,Full Power,Fast,Melodic,damned good drinking songs and a
No Tomorrow attitude become a well known and respected band among the
European rock crowd.

The band also played together with bands such as The Nomads,The

The critics in the European rockmagazines has been overwhelming,12/12 in
Heavy oder was,8/10 Rock Hard,4/5 Keerang,9.5/10 Metal Heart and 9/10 in
Metal Hammer to name a few...

Statements like:
"You wont be seeing Psychopunch on MTV
any time this century because they positively stink of delicious
delinquency and
full-blooded, unreconstructed,aural bleeding anarchy." (Keerang)

"Pure punk rawk,plain and simple. It´s fast,energetic,raw and, oh yeah......
it´s fucking excellent."(Metal Hammer)

"you want a Trip in the Rock`n`Roll Heaven?"(Heavy Oder Was!?)

"Psychopunch has what it takes to be the next big thing from Scandinavia"
(Metal Heart)

"With their fourth album "The Pleasure Kill" the four guys from Sweden
restart from where they stopped last year with the CD "Original
Scandinavian": First class straight-forward Punk."

With their latest album "The Pleasure Kill",produced by Tomas Skogsberg
(Hellacopters,Entombed,The Nomads,Backyard Babies etc)the band takes their
music one step further and the result is no less than a furious rock'n'
roll statement.
They also invited some cool guests such as Nix and Hasse from The Nomads,
PO from Puffball and Pelle Saether (producer) from Studio
It's still good old Psychopunch, but the limits are pushed and it's even
more in your face, yet more dynamic.

Psychopunch are:

JM : Lead vocals and guitar
Joey : Lead guitar and Backing vocals
Peppe : Drums
Jacke : Bass and backing vocals


PSYCHOPUNCH discography :

(LP-CD) We are just as welcome as holy water in satan's drink - White Jazz Rec. 1999
(LP-CD) Bursting Out Of Chucky's Town - White Jazz Rec. 2000
(LP-CD) Original Scandinavian Superdudes - White Jazz Rec. 2001
(LP-CD) The Pleasure Kill- White Jazz Rec. 2002


SPLIT 10":
(LP)Psychopunch/TV Men - Action Rec. 2003
Psychopunch/The Dirters
Psychopunch/Hollywood Hate - Bad Attitude Rec.& Intensive Scare Rec. 2003
Riot on the rocks Vol 3 - Safety Pin Rec.
Eliminate the unnecessary and focus on the substance - White Jazz Rec.

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