We were young and broad-shouldered but without many articles, honorary titles or self-praising speeches because nobody knew us (except people from Annecy, Annemasse and Habère Poche) and, moreover, we were virgin (artistically speaking) or " pure " as in purebred. What else could we say to attract your attention or, failing that, your curiosity. We were 4, from Annecy and had been playing since 1990 in various bands (La Cuve, Buddha Simpson, Surfin' Spiders...). We had the strength of our 20 years of age and were dreaming of Jon Spencer's beauty, 16 Horsepowers' gloom-melancholy and 1983 REM's power-pop. We wanted from the start to create the rock of the year 2000, but our roots were deep and our weariness was innate (the one and only machine we used was a death-killing ELGAM 1967).
We deliberately use the past tense because Maloney Site Control's story dramatically ended up on a secondary road on September 4th, 1999.
In loving memory of Nicolas Van Berckel


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