Johnny CAT
" Put that mic in my hand and let me kick out the jams " MC5

There couldn’t be a better way to sum up the philosophy of the Gangbangers who, since 1994, have electrified French bars and venues in the tradition of the Dictators, Radio Birdman, the Replacements, the Nomads and other leaders of today’s and yesterday’s international rock scene. "It might be a long way to the top" but, considering the techno-rap tidal wave sweeping through this end of millennium, the Gangbangers have decided to answer in the best possible way, " faster and louder ".
Born out of the burning cinders of some of the most influential bands in town, the Gangbangers started out as a high energy cover band and their raw and uncompromising renditions of such classics as " Cinderella ", " Cold Turkey ", " Rock’n’roll Soldiers ", " Dancing barefoot " or " Detroit Rock City " quickly imposed them as a very powerful live band, leaving nothing but empty beer cans and pierced eardrums behind. They soon started to write their own songs and finally developped a more personal sound and, after the release of a split EP, they toured with Sator in the beginning of 1997. Then, while keeping on playing all over the country, they recorded two ass-kicking cover versions of the Boys’ " Sick on you " and the Nomads’ " Surfin’ in the Bars ", which respectively appeared on two compilations in 1997 and 1998. In June 1999, they released their much awaited first album, " morethanyoudeserve ".
They have recently opened for DM3 in Annecy and raised hell with the NOMADS in Geneva and Lyons.
1995 : 1 song "3 Amigos" on the compilation  Larsen Recordz n°10  " FZ010 ".
1996 : Split EP 4 songs with SATOR on Action RecordsAR001 ".
1997 : 1 song "Sick on you" on compilation Satisfaction Guaranteed (A Tribute to the Boys) Action RecordsAR100LP ", rereleased in 1999 on Vinyl JapanASKCD97 ".
1998 : 1 song "Surfin’ in the bars" on the compilation Frissons 98MA 02 ".
1999 : First album "morethanyoudeserve" on Action RecordsAR101CD ".
2002 : "When The Shit Hits The Fan" on Action RecordsAR102CD ".

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