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Rock'n'roll crashed down on Planet Earth without a warning half a century ago and, despite repeated assaults from as numerous as short-lived other types of music, it has carried on unruffled its own sweet way. Like it or not, rock is not dead and the Crybabys are the living proof that it is still alive and kicking. But how else could it be when you know that the band is composed of the legendary Honest John Plain (co-founder of the Boys and punk rock icon), guitar extraordinaire Darrell Bath (The Dogs D'amour, UK Subs and Temple Tudor), Leslie Riggs (Cheap and Nasty, Godfathers,...) and Spanish brother in arms Dany Garcia? But we can't judge a band by looking at its calling card, no matter how impressive this one is. Far from any commercial concern or elitist pseudo-fad, " Rock On " Sessions is once and for all a rock'n'roll album with all the purity and sincerity associated with this term. No popularity-seeking messages or pompous statements but alternatively moving and humourous lyrics backed up by a powerful rhythm section and guitars galore. The Crybabys have no intention whatsoever to revolutionize the music industry, they're much more interested in writing great songs and concentrating on the beer crates awaiting them backstage. " Rock On " Sessions is nonetheless a flawless album with a perfect balance between ass-kicking numbers and sentimental ballads in the true tradition of rock'n'roll.
A short history
The designer rock-by-numbers bus has been hijacked, customised and revved off the grid by fun-loving rock posse The CRYBABYS ! A band with this kind of 'cred' and pedigree spoils the listener for choice, blazing a multi-coloured trail across the full spectrum of the rock'n'roll skies.
Darrell's voice is a horizon full of dry-ice twilight, caught, bowled and returned by Honest John's punk drawl. Searing guitars and rhythm mechanics extraordinaires, The CRYBABYS confront with overwhelming charisma. A galvanised weave of power 'audiogenics', their brand of eclectic piracy intercepts the signal of rock mainstream and hammers it into burnished metal.
Threads of influence such as MOTT the HOOPLE, BOWIE, STONES and The NEW YORK DOLLS catch the mind's eye.
HONEST JOHN PLAIN chalked up seven albums with The BOYS before going on to play with The LURKERS, GARY HOLTON and CASINO STEEL , in 85 he joined ROBBIE RUSHTON in The MANNISH BOYS, whose history with Tamla Motown is legendary. Returning to England The CRYBABYS were formed, with DARRELL BATH.
DARRELL joined UK.SUBS early 87 and toured Europe and America. He was also on tour with CHOIRBOYS and THUNDER, and starred with HONEST JOHN in the TOWERBLOCK ROCKERS before touring Germany with DIE TOTEN HOSEN, in 93 joined The DOGS D'AMOUR recording one album and toured America.
HONEST JOHN and DARRELL BATH recording two albums with IAN HUNTER. 

The CRYBABYS discographie :

(LP-CD) The CRYBABYS - Receiver Rec. RRLP 142
(7") You Don't Have to Wear Boots to be a Cowboy -Receiver Rec. RRS 100
(7") Good Girls - Receiver Rec.
(CD single) Where Have all the Good Girls Gone - Receiver Rec. RRSCD 1006
(7") Who Were You Thinkin' Of - Receiver Rec.
(CD single) Who Were You Thinkin' Of - Receiver Rec. RRSCD 1008
(CD) Rock On Sessions - Action Rec. AR001CD





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